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"In marketing you must choose between boredom, shouting and seduction. Which do you want?"

Roy H. Williams

Your message is defined. You know your target market. Now how do you reach them? That's where RAKE comes in! We craft  marketing strategies that reach the right consumers, in the most effective and innovative ways.


"You are what you share"

Charles W. Leadbeater

Need a blog? Social Media posts? Copy for marketing efforts? We do that!


RAKE has a proven track record of creating engaging media content across all new media platforms. We know how to target content to reach your customers, how to create pages that are note-worthy, share-worthy and compelling. We create content  that will grow your base of followers, helping you become a respected, voice in your industry. We know how to reach the right media channels and trend-setters to get your product talked about, reviewed and lauded.

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