In 2018 I became the first woman from Kentucky to graduate from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale (WCSY). This program helped me immeasurably in our campaign for State Senate and was a huge contributor to our successes. 


During our campaign, I realized two big things. First, our region needs more women leaders, and second local candidates need more staff and support if we are to take back seats in the General Assembly.


My time at Yale helped me know how to run a campaign and gave me connections that helped me fill gaps when they arose, but that required a very unique set of circumstances to be able to thrive within.


What if future candidates were better prepared, felt more supported, and had experienced volunteers and staffers to lean on?


This infrastructure is what I want to bring to NKY and Cincinnati and we have a great opportunity to start this year with the Women’s Campaign School at Yale’s Basics Course.


The Basics is a one day intensive for women with a newly discovered passion for politics and who are in need of a foundation and skill set to effectively launch themselves as community and campaign leaders.


This training includes a comprehensive discussion of all of the components necessary to begin a political career, both personally and professionally, focusing on cogent and inspiring speaking techniques and effective networking.


To maximize the benefit for our region we'd like to offer this program for free to grassroots groups, local student government members and young leaders who are already planting seeds of inclusion to help them take their organizations to the next level. 


The cost to bring WCSY here is $5000 plus facilities fees. I am asking you to consider making a donation to help inspire, support and promote our future leaders.

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